Off Road Destination in India

/Off Road Destination in India

Off Road Destination in India

Whether it is India or any other country, Off-road destinations should be rugged, in-the-wilds activity that involves navigating vehicles on mountain paths, rough roads, or desert / muddy tracks.

If you are looking for a Off-Road destination in India, to test your 4×4 vehicle or for driving fun with your group, then you can add “The Pong Eco Village”, as a major stop in Himalayans.

We at The Pong Eco Village can provide the best support and solutions, for your Off-Road trip to your group.

At The Pong Eco Village, You will get very rugged tracks, with the beautiful combination of Himalayans mountains, river, sounds of birds chirping and wildlife.

Off-Road Test Drive by ISUZU Group at The Pong Eco Village !

ISUZU Group (INDIA) did the Off-Road test drive for ISUZU D’Max V Cross in June 2019 at “The Pong Eco Village”. ISUZU group were looking for a place for Off-Road testing the new ISUZU D’MAX V Cross in India, they found us on web and they had decided to make “The Pong Eco Village” there major testing destination for Off-Road.

Not only this, ISUZU owners were also exploring The Pong Eco Village’s secrets which are hidden in it’s beauty. They enjoyed the Off-Road drive, beauty of place, bird sanctuary, forest walk, Food and lot more.

Sneak-peak of ISUZU INDIA D’MAX V Cross Off-Road Testing:

Challenging but Worth It Destination for Off-Road drive in India

So guys, if you really looking for an challenging destination or Muddy Roads within mountains for Off-Road drive in India for your 4×4 wheels, then “The Pong Eco Village” is the place. We can provide the best facilities to your large or small group.

Contact us with your queries, we surely provide you the best solutions for your off-Road destinations and routes.

Off-roading is a sport that’s all burning rubber – and all action, So make it difficult for your 4×4 by Making “The Pong Eco Village” your Off-Road Destination.

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