Next level tourism- “Responsible Tourism”

/Next level tourism- “Responsible Tourism”

Next level tourism- “Responsible Tourism”

Travelling is one of the most beautiful experiences any human gets in his lifetime. One gets an adrenaline rush when he visits a completely unknown destination.“Responsible Tourism” not only adds the economic value to the growth of a country but also conserve nature and natural habitat. Responsible tourism is social economic system which takes care of sustainability, local ideologies of place.

The Pong Eco Village- hotel and resort is an ardent believer of tourism promotion but what we really should encourage is Responsible Tourism. The recently opened resort in the banks of Pong Dam working for the betterment and growth of the holiday destination while taking care of the culture of the place, the ideologies, and traditions of the locals and most of all, their social economic system. I must say that The pong Eco Village is not only taking care of conservation of natural resources, nature, tradition, organic vegetation but also trying to benefit locals by creating employment in nearby villages.

The Pong Eco Village hotel and its family is taking tourism to altogether new standards by trying to invest and promote more in environment friendly destination moving towards issues such as quality, sustainability, the richness of culture and accessibility.

Eco-friendly tourism is now gaining popularity amidst the popular tourist destinations around the world thanks to environmentalists and responsible citizens.

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