youtuber “Beerbiceps” aka Ranveer Allahabadia

/youtuber “Beerbiceps” aka Ranveer Allahabadia

youtuber “Beerbiceps” aka Ranveer Allahabadia

The Pong eco village is slowly and steadily becoming the hotspot for celebrities and social media influencers. Recently, one of the biggest names in the social media and a very famous youth icon and YouTuber “Beerbiceps” aka Ranveer Allahabadia visited The Pong Eco Village along with his team and his mentor Mr. Manish Pandey who is again a well-known name in the digital content world.

Initially, the trip which was meant to be a relaxing trip into the wild, taking a break from the monotonous work schedule for the whole team, eventually turned out to be a great one with the whole team shooting plenty of travel vlogs and indulging in various activities like bird watching, boating, jungle walks each of which would give them something new and extraordinary to shoot.

The team included some young and energetic youngsters from around the country who were being personally mentored by Ranveer allahabadia and they were the ones handling different structures of the whole shooting.Be it Girish who looked into the photography department or Sanchit who would come up with different ideas for the content,Akshay the charming and silent guy always busy in his own self but greatly dedicated to his work,the whole team reflected perfection and professionalism in their work.

According to Ranveer and Manish ji this trip proved to be one of the best trips of their lives where they found themselves more connected to the mother nature. Finally, after spending a good week they left with immortal memories and a promise to return to the wild once again very soon.

Here’s the full video of “beerbiceps” Ranveer Allahbadia. Watch and Enjoy :

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