Rainy season around Pong dam Lake himachal pradesh

/Rainy season around Pong dam Lake himachal pradesh

Rainy season around Pong dam Lake himachal pradesh

Monsoon in The Pong Eco Village Lake  sets in the first week of July and continues till mid September.The pong dam lake,Himachal Pradesh is blessed with rich flora and fauna that graces the land with majesty during rainy season. During rainy seasons ,warm water of pong dam hold an abundance of fish,which includes the  sporty Golden mahseer.We can do lot of fishing especially in rainy season  in the pong eco village dam.

In rainy season the place is surrounded by various butterflies which makes the place very beautiful to stay.There are several species of mammals and  reptiles that thrive in the rich ecosystems of The Pong Dam Lake and its surrounding areas.You can even plan a trip to the submerged temples of bathu through a boat and enjoy the day visiting ramsar island that is accessible only by boat.

Its a must-visit destination for adventure and nature enthusiasts. If  you want to go for nature walk  and walk along the beautiful shorelines of The pong Dam you must visit here with your friends and family . I am sure kids would love to go for  walk surrounded by butterflies and enjoy fishing and angling activities. 

The Pong Eco village is the best option to stay if you want to plan a trip to The Pong Dam ,perched closest to the pong dam,it offers the best views of the reservoir and vast options to explore the place around.

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