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BEAUTIFUL VILLAGE….!!! when we hear this word. what comes first in our mind? it’s all about our roots, from where we all belong, it’s about our culture, food, heritage, peace, health, stress-free, walks into the field, reconnect with yourself, the sound of birds, surrounding by the tree and all positive energy out of our daily exotic life. These things makes this a Beautiful Village !!!

The Pong Eco village brings you back to your village. Let’s explore this BEAUTIFUL VILLAGE MATIHAAL it’s on the edge of pong dam, three sides covered by the reservoir with the landscape view of dhauladhar range. It’s a small village consisting of 18 families living peacefully together. Doing farming own their own land. Helping each other on any social or personal occasions, all come together to cook food and serve to the guest. Help each other to make the village neat and clean. This beautiful village matihaal has its own beauty like it’s on the edge of pong dam surrounded by three sides of reserve water and the rest of free land covered by forest on the top of village historical temple situated from the time of Pandavas (Mahabharat).

From start to the end of village Matihaal offers different scenarios. You can feel yourself in the live painting of nature which is gifted by God. In the morning of Village matihaal, you can feel like you are at on the beach at the front of the ocean with high waves sound and evening as silent water with sunset. The village Matihall is the combination of Culture, Heritage, Beauty, nature, and peace. The pong Eco village welcomes you into your own village with beauty of nature.

Initially the Pong dam was built for water storage. However, the dam was later modified and commissioned for the generation of hydroelectric power. Several villages were submerged in the reservoir. The area that got submerged was the “Heart of Kangra”, officialy known as the” Haldoon Valley” (meaning the granary of Kangra ). This part of Kangra was a green valley with fertile soil, abundant water and other resources. It produced enough to feed the entire distict, leaving some surplus for export as well.

The village matihaal can be termed as an urban village that practices subsistence agriculture.It is one of the upper lying villages that surpassed the fear of being drowned into the dam’s reservoir.

The dwellings of the village are scattered broadly over the landscape, as a dispersed settlement. Although many patterns of village life have existed, matihaal is small, consisting of around 18 families. Homes are situated together for sociability and defence, and land surrounding the living quarters is farmed.