Weekend Destination / Getaway Weekend , Pong Dam Lake

/Weekend Destination / Getaway Weekend , Pong Dam Lake

Weekend Destination / Getaway Weekend , Pong Dam Lake


Pong Dam Lake is a picturesque foothill station located in the district of Kangra in Himachal Pradesh. The place has back water and water reservoir area of  42 kms making it a popular tourist destination. Pong Dam Lake it lies on the border between himachal pradesh and the district of Hoshiarpur in Punjab.The Pong Dam Lake is ideal for spending a quality vacation as it is unlike any commercial  tourist spot.

The Kangra district experiences a diverse season having a distinctive feature that categorizes it.With the onset of summer in April, temperature ranges from 22 to 38-degree Celsius and Kangra experiences a rush of tourists during this season who prefer to undertake various adventurous activities. Even though summers are at its peak in Kangra in May, the weather is still pleasant. It is the time when plenty of the hidden culture unveils itself.The famous Bathu ki ladi that gets drowned in the reservoir of the dam comes out during the onset of summers when the water level recedes and at that time it is even accessible by road.

This place experiences heavy monsoon showers from July to September. By the end of August, the rains slowly subside leaving the landscape greener and ideal for sightseeing.Rain lovers throng the region during these months as the valley is at its best during this time. The place receives moderate rainfall by September. The weather alters with cold days and equally colder nights.

The district starts getting the glimpse of winters from October. The temperature in winters can fall as low as 4 degrees Celcius with freezing weather. In some parts of the Kangra valley, you can witness snowfall in January and February. November is the onset of full-fledged tourist season . By the end of February, there’s a rise in temperature. However, due to freezing nights, wearing heavy woollens is must during this month. This period is an ideal month for travelling as the major attraction of this place – the migratory birds that start flocking the marshy lands of the reservoir.They start arriving in lakhs and can be easily spotted along with other local species around the lake.This season is apt for bird watchers.

Tourist Places around Pong Dam Lake and Activity

Chintpurni Mandir , Bathu Ki Ladi Temples , Ramsar Island , Kangra fort , Jwala Devi Temple , Motor Boating , Water Adventure sports , Fishing , Angling ,The primary reasons for Pong Dam Lake being a tourist attraction include the neighboring Maharana Pratap Sagar and lust forest surrounding it.

There is great opportunity for lovers of water sports at the Pong Dam in Kangra district. The man made reservoir of the dam is 42 km in length and 2 km in width on the Beas river.

The regional water sports centre here is a pioneer in these specialized activities. There is swimming, canoeing, rowing, sailing, Speed Boating,  and water skiing- all competitive events. Training is also imparted in water safety and rescue measures.


Hotel Near Pong Dam

This Eco Village ( www.thepongecovillage.com ) or you can say our Hotel is Situated in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh just beside to Pong Dam. Indeed a spectacular sight to behold! You will get mesmerized by observing the 2 km long dam on the Beas River (longest dam in India), surrounded by Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary which have birds of numerous species. This place is also called as the Haven for the migratory birds.

Our Eco village cum hotel is actually situated on the Beas River, on which the Pong Dam is Located, flows from the Beas Kund near by Rohtang Pass, In upper Himalayas and flow generally in a north-south direction up to the Pong Dam.

Website – www.thepongecovillage.com

Mail id – infothepong@gmail.com

Facebook page – The Pong Eco Village

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