Water sports activities at The Pong Dam Lake

/Water sports activities at The Pong Dam Lake

Water sports activities at The Pong Dam Lake

Gone are the days when Goa used to be the hub of all the water sports activities in India.A trip for the adrenaline seekers to Goa shall cost a lot of time and money.Now the situation is changed.A new adventure sports destination has come up in Himachal Pradesh at the banks of Beas river on the Pong Dam Lake.

The Atal Bihari vajpayee institute of allied water sports located on The Pong dam Lake used to train students and people on various water based activities like swimming,kayaking,sailing,snorkeling,rowing,boating under a certified course ranging from 14-30 days.The above sporting activities at the pong dam Lake were not accessible by normal public.

Now few more additions to the previous existing sports like Water skiing,e foiling,jet ski,Jetovator have made the area around pong dam Lake a good hideout for the tourists who have less time in their hand.They can travel to The Pong Eco Village and stay there overnight and next day visit the institute and spend the whole day there doing water sports activities at a nominal cost.

The main thing is the fact that the water sports at The Pong Dam Lake are not open for the direct public and can be done only through the pong eco village.You can visit the website in the description to find out how you wish to explore this beautiful destination.Whether to spend time hearing the chirping of the birds and relaxing yourself or engaging yourself in some adrenaline rush with the water sports.The pong eco village can provide you with the kind of vacation you need.


Website – www.thepongecovillage.com

Mail id – infothepong@gmail.com

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