Photography Destination The Pong Eco Village in Kangra, H.P

/Photography Destination The Pong Eco Village in Kangra, H.P

Photography Destination The Pong Eco Village in Kangra, H.P

What does a photographer need when he wishes to capture some stunning stills? May be some wildlife,it might be some waves on the shores of the ocean,it might be the star studded night sky, an avid birdwatcher would seek some birds to click,some people would seek natural views with snow clad mountains.A single destination that offers all such views under a single roof is The Pong Eco Village.

Any photography enthusiast who comes here at The Pong Eco Village has plenty of options for getting some great pictures for showcasing in his collection.The location of our property which is located on The Pong Dam Lake is such that it is surrounded by the lake water from three sides with waves splashing the shores.A five minute walk from the property would take him to the beach side which emasses breathtaking views of the vast reservoir waters overlooked by the mighty dhauladhars.The boatmen and the fishermen in the waters early morning give the scenery a perfect look.

In addition to that, the lands in the vicinity of The Pong Eco Village is dense forest with plenty of wildlife that include wild boars,deer,a variety of reptiles are found which provide scenic background to the wildlife photography.

The main attraction of the place is the number of migratory birds that visit the marshy lands of The Pong Dam Lake every year.A number of rarest species visit the areas around The Pong Eco Village that attracts a number of birding photographers from all around the world willing to capture such rare birds.

Overall it is a great destination for photography and people can click and take plenty of memories with them inside their camera rolls.

“There’s a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they’re absolutely free. …

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